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The world of business has changed. Swishfund was set up by two successful entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs get the finance they need, and fast. We understand that every SME is unique, and so you won't get a ''computer says no'' response from us. We always like to say “YES”, with a bespoke solution and our complete respect.

Cashflow is King: we see it, and we raise it

The Swishfund lending model starts and ends with cashflow. We make a loan offer based on the operating performance of your business over the last year, with minimal conditions. Whatever your current size or future aspirations, if your cashflow indicates a solid business model, we’ll help you take it to the next level. Fast.

“Cashflow drives every business. Swishfund helps you stay on track to win.”

Swishfund in a nutshell

Swishfund affords you the freedom to grow your business at the pace you want through easy access to flexible financing. We provide short to mid-term loans to companies that need to borrow money quickly, without the fuss, deliberation and conditions that are at odds with fast-moving businesses. Also, fairness is our DNA. We are always happy to discuss the reasons behind the rates and decisions, since we see lending a partnership - not a one-off Sales transaction.

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The Federation of Small Businesses is one of the loudest voices to lobby Government in favour of our small business costumers, and we feel it is important to be involved. Swishfund will not stand on the side-lines when your best interests are at stake. We are a small business ourselves, and part of the same team.

Swishfund joined the National Asscociation of Commercial Finance Brokers to commit to set of standards and values with regard to how we sell our products to our customers. Together with the NACFB we aim to ensure that as many customers are funded as possible with not just any deal, but the deal that has been tailored to be right for you.

Swishfund is incredibly proud to be accredited with Cabinet Office’s Customer Service Excellence Standard. We place customer experience at the centre of everything we do; and strive for efficient, effective, excellent and empowering customer service.  Please read “Our Promise” for our commitments to you, our customers.  Watch this space! As we are looking forward to providing you with ever-improving, market-leading, predictive and delightful customer experiences.

Swishfund has been a carbon neutral business since 1 January 2020. Between May 2021 and July 2022 we offset more than 3600 tones of carbon on behalf of customers, via a combination of planting trees, supporting wind farms and biodiesel projects.  Not all our customers can be carbon neutral, and we like those customers too.  However, we have a discount programme to help SME customers become or stay carbon neutral.  For more details, please ask your Account Manager.

Swishfund is delighted to be an Affiliate Member of the Credit Services Association (‘CSA’), and to adhere to the CSA Code of Conduct.  We understand that small businesses like you, our customers, may encounter cash follow difficulties from time to time.  By supporting you through these difficulties, and providing a range of repayment options, we can help your business survive, revive and thrive.  Our loan servicing and special servicing is simple, clear and less stressful for our customers, and we aim to continually improve our customer care.

Pre-application checklist

Swishfund looks at operating performance and sets minimal conditions. We are super-flexible, since we rely on a combination of technology and human experience to find the best solution for you. We are her to support you and to provide you with added value through our experienced team and contacts.
Annual Turnover over £50k
Operating for at least 12 months
Registered at Companies House
Business bank account
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