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What we offer

Straightforward, hassle-free commercial loans of up to £1,000,000

We offer cashflow-based finance to businesses with a proven track record but unrealised potential. Our process is fast, fair and free of hidden charges.
For many businesses, getting paid isn’t the problem – it’s when. ‘Lumpy’ cash flow is a stressful experience for business owners because the consequences can include payroll delays, outstanding bills (and fines) or stagnation due to an inability to take on new clients.

We don’t judge your books by the cover (or the bottom-line)
We know a good business when we see one. We can tell from your previous 12-month’s performance data whether a Swishfund loan to bolster your cashflow is all that’s holding your business back. If your application is successful, that means we believe in you and your business!

How can a Swishfund loan help?

Getting finance when you need it can be a big challenge for business owners, with traditional lenders offering plenty of strings, red tape and conditions but little in the way of fast solutions.  That’s where Swishfund can help.

Do you experience any of these challenges?

  • Irregular cashflow or seasonal peaks and troughs
  • Long payment terms putting pressure on your finances
  • Expansion plans/growth delayed due to cash restrictions

These factors and many others are common reasons for needing a short-term injection of capital.

We want to help you achieve your goals. Fast. That’s why we offer:

  • A quick decision and fast service: receive your funding in 24 hrs
  • Human support: no chatbots, just in-house experts to advise and guide you through the process
  • Short to mid-term borrowing: from 3 months to 12 months

Swishfund loan products are intended to

  • Enable business expansion: whether this means office equipment, recruitment, investment in infrastructure
  • Help to pay unexpected bills
  • Assist with working capital requirements
  • Facilitate purchase of assets and stock
  • Afford business growth: from hiring new staff or investing in productivity solutions

Though we are flexible, there are important and specific criteria which must be met with regards to the purpose/s of your Swishfund loan. If in doubt, contact us.

To use the product, you will need to show us:

  • Minimum 12 months of trading history
  • Proven profitability in recent accounts & bank statements
  • Registered Limited Company at Companies House

To apply you will need to send us:

  • 12 month’s csv/Plaid bank statements
  • Last set of full accounts

Don’t delay, get Swishfunded today!