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Our values are what makes us an unique alternative lender, and the one you want to work with. These values are built on extensive experience in finance and fintech lending, and a strong desire to drive positive change for all customers. We are focussed on building the best customer experience through a combination of technology and human connection. Also, we lend only what is affordable, and we contribute to environmental and social projects. Our five core values are:

1) All customers are unique

    Customers says “Yes”: machine-learning algorithm is guideline, not a rule

    Human underwriter reviews EVERY declined loan application to find “Yes”

2) All customers are built and run by humans

    Reasons for decision are given for every application

    48-hour cooling-off period for no change (Direct customers only)

3) Lending is a partnership, not an one-off Sales transaction

    Flexible and seasonal repayment options

    Compassion and trust at forefront of servicing policy

    30 Day grace period after end of the term to settle any outstanding balance (or restructure)

4) Everyone must have access to finance

    Neurodiverse loan documentation

    Professional voice recordings of all legal documentation

5) We are all part of the environment where we work

    We are carbon neutral and has offset over 3,600 tons on behalf of customers

    Offer APR discounts to carbon neutral customers and those in renewable industries

    Outspoken voice and thoughts-leader for ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) issues in small business finance.