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Bodega Chez Armand

“They’re on the same wavelength as entrepreneurs.”

Bodega Chez Armand has been an oasis of rest in the busy commercial centre for some 82 years. As you enter it seems, for a minute or two, as if time has stood still. The lay-out and furnishings, together with the special touch of hospitality, seem not to have changed since the opening in 1936.

‘Traditional customs are still valued; look at the classic atmosphere, for instance, or the almost overflowing cake stand, and apple pie just like grandma used to make. Not for nothing is the Bodega an institution, a place where three generations come together on a weekly basis to drink coffee’, say proud proprietors Boudewijn and Bas.

Boudewijn and Bas have been at the helm of the Bodega since 2013. Despite the fact that they want to uphold traditions, they do want to keep investing in the business. ‘Investment doesn’t always have to be visible. Behind the scenes we have been very busy growing the business. Things like digitisation, new kitchen equipment and heating in the outdoor area at the front of the building.’

But a new business doesn’t always need to have access to a ready source of capital to make sweeping changes. A regular customer of the Bodega put Boudewijn and Bas in contact with Swishfund. Deciding to go with Swishfund wasn’t a difficult decision to make: ‘The repayment method, from the day’s electronic payment transactions ensures that you, the entrepreneur, have less to worry about on that score.’ It means that what you pay back is related to how much money the business makes. It’s a great idea: one that shows they are on the same wavelength as entrepreneurs. Even when things are tough economically, the proprietors can stick to their plans thanks to the line of credit extended by Swishfund!